RAAF C130J Hercules Livery

The Royal Australian Airforce (RAAF) has operated the C130 Hercules for over 48 years starting with the C130 (A) model and then the (H) model 20 years later after the (A) model was added to the Royal Australian Airforce. The (E) model joined the (A) model in 1966 until the No.36 Squadron (The operators of the C130 Models) replaced them with the Boeing C17 Globemaster III. The C130H model retired in November 2012 which has now been replaced by the C130J-30 Hercules which is also the only C130 which the RAAF operates. The C130J-30 has been named by the airforce “Strategic Airlifter”. The C130J takes part in disaster relief in Australia and the Pacific region and also supports military deployments overseas.

In over 50 years of Australian Service, the Hercules has accumulated more than 800,000 flying hours. In this request, I will only be requesting the C130J-30 model since its the only model in service now.

RAAF C130J-30 at Exercise Red Flag ^

The C130J Livery would be a great addition especially after an FNF took place in Australia recently with the theme military and there aren’t even any RAAF liveries which I would consider the FNF to be a fail!
(And no I have no votes left)

Lovely request. However please only include One Photo for your feature request. Please check the rules on this thread

Safe flying!


Bad rule but alright ill change it

Voted! will always support our allies with the RAAF. C130s in general could use some more robust liveries across the board. its a multi-national use aircraft and is the work horse for alot of nations air forces.


Nudge Nudge. This would be quite nice for some Australian Military Flights.

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@anon41771314 yes since Australian airforce never makes it in IF

Love the livery especially since it’s for my country but all my votes are out (mainly for Qantas things) so sorry!