R22 goes airborne alone!

The unmanned R22 has gone airborne by it’s self for the first time, Its first flight, with a duration of more than 1 hour, was fully self-piloted reaching a height of up to 2200ft. UAVOS confirmed that during the flight all scheduled tests were performed including fully automatic take-off, en-route flight and landing.
The components manufactured by UAVOS such as autopilot, servo drives, sensor system and additional backup power supply were installed into R22-UV helicopter.

During the conversion the aircraft electrical system was upgraded, manual control was removed, the fuselage was altered for servo drives and components of the automatic control system installation. In addition, the pilot seats were removed and replaced by additional fuel tanks.

Aliaksei Stratsilatau, UAVOS chairman of the board and Lead developer, commented: “UAVOS SD-1 high-speed and highly reliable actuators without free play allowed to achieve precision accuracy control of the helicopter and get full control in all flight modes. We’ve also developed autorotation algorithm that increases reliability of the unmanned system.”

He continued: “Enhancing a UAV with our autopilot system gives additional features and advantages to the existing options: automatic take-off and landing, remote Ground Controls network capability, dead-reckoning and operations with jammed GPS, auto-rotation landing capability and high efficiency flight control, based on Total Energy Control System.”


So cool. The Robinson helicopter company has really gone far.

I think the target customer will be like offshore oil fields, remote farms. The amount of helicopter between Scotland and offshore oil fields is unbeliveble numbers. Imagine how much this will save money.

Think we’ll see it more for the Military, The R22 is pretty useless for Oil operations

What they use it for military…it ain’t apache :) ok maybe border patrol?!? Drone would be better choice isn’t?!?

Just because it’s not a gunship doesn’t mean the Military won’t use it ;)
Could be anything, Research and development, Aerial targets, Training.

I don’t think so, manned aircraft vs drone any day. The R22 is an extremely sensitive aircraft to fly, I’d be interested see in the future development of the UAV R22

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