R.I.P Lufthansa A380‘s

Hello everyone and welcome to this rather sad topic 😞
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Lufthansa decided to retire 6 A380‘s immediately.
Two of them are now at Teruel (LETL), the first arrived yesterday and the second arrived today about half an hour ago.

Flight information

• Airport: Teruel Airport (LEBL)
• Aircraft: Airbus A380
• Airline: Lufthansa

Here are my shots …

Big RR engines…

Passenger view…

Modern cockpit…

Last touchdown …

Parking brakes set …

… it hurts to see such a great aircraft being retired.

Here is the video of the first Lufthansa A380 landing at Teruel.

Bye bye Bobo ! Fly high :(


I really hope that Lufthansa can stay alive through COVID-19 I really love that airline


Aww no this is so sad. Praying Lufthansa pull through all of this!


I have been in Teruel in the simulator when the first A340s were send there a few Wels ago. Just such a cool approach with the visual approach and low pattern in a big airplane (I hope you flew the VFR pattern approach).

Thanks for sharing these sad, but great looking pictures!

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Well, at least they didn’t retire any of their 747s. It’s sad to see the A380 go so early, though. :(

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Oh no ! … Wow. That’s so sad.
So early…

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Can I buy them? I have $9


cough umm excuse me what?..


Really sad moment for me. I love Lufthansa, I hope they can survive. Nice pictures.


Really sad to hear this, always wanted to fly on Lufthansa’s A380. Also learned that D-AIMG, the A380 Cpt. Juergen Raps flew FRA-SFO on Pilotseye TV, was among the 6.