I love flying on Infinite Flight and I’ve been doing so since the game first came out. With that being said, I feel the a lot of people on here and in this “community” take their titles and jobs too seriously. I’ve made many friends while playing this game and so have many others, but people (especially the “higher-ups”) tend to forget that this is only a game. There is no need to scold people or be condescending with a side of passive-aggressiveness. Sure - there are real pilots and real ATC personnel who play this game, but they tend to forget that this is a game. It isn’t real. When you use Infinite Flight, you are not a real Air Traffic Controller nor are you a pilot. You’re simply playing a game from your mobile device. The bullying culture from the controllers and the mods is rampant these days and it’s only getting worse.There needs to be more respect for the pilots. The controllers need to be better equipped with handling busy airspace instead of issuing violations simply to make their “jobs” easier. If you can’t handle the airspace, then why bother being a controller on the Expert Server? And when making an appeal, it seems as if the controllers and the appeals team take sides with the controllers (no surprise) instead of looking at what the pilot did correctly. Furthermore, voicing your opinion on here is like walking on a field of eggshells. You can’t say anything without being scolded by the Infinite Flight “big bosses”. I’m sure the higher-ups won’t agree with this post and will close it, but I just thought I’d put in my 2 cents. This is only a game people. Lighten up.


That’s very well said thank you for your input. I agree with your statement and believe that we need more kindness in game and in community.


Every member of IFATC goes through a training process, guided by controllers with a lot of experience. They’re trained, they invest a lot of their free time to provide an extra level of realism to Infinite Flight, and they’re human. So let’s treat each other with respect here.

Humans make mistakes from time to time, that’s normal. And that’s why we have an appeals process. Our appeals process is structured in a way so that some of our most experienced controllers will have a look at the pilot’s replay file to determine what happened that caused the violation. The appeals team remains impartial during that process and works as a team together with the IFATC Moderators.

If the controller made a mistake, the violation is removed. If the controller didn’t make a mistake and the violation was indeed justified, the violation is upheld. As said though, everyone makes mistakes from time to time. So being respectful during that appeals process goes a long way and it might even help you - even if you made a mistake as a pilot. But we don’t tolerate disrespectful behavior towards IFATC - or anyone else on this community. Behind every username is a real person. Lets not forget that.



I’m really sorry you feel this way. Please do know that as an ATC supervisor and appeals team member, the IFATC leadership team takes abusive reporting very seriously. There have been many instances in the past where controllers were suspended or removed from the team entirely for abusing the report button. At no point do we ever want to report pilots. We simply follow the rules of the Expert Server as stated in app and also follow the rules of the ATC manual, which clearly states reporting is to be used as a very last resort when pilots do not follow instructions multiple times and/or do not know the basics required to be on the Expert Server.

There are also reports overturned all the time - we really do take a look at the entire replay and make a judgement based off of that. I can assure you there is no bullying or taking sides. Again, sorry you feel this way and hopefully the community and IFATC team can regain your trust going forward.


Well said!


I’m sorry but I don’t describe that IF as a “Game”. I rather describe it “Mobile Flight Simulator”. A Mobile Flight simulator is were we learn and experience what “Aviation” all about. This is not were we drag race with 30+ knots on taxiing in order to skip the long queue. Flight Simulators supposed to represents real conditions, learning & practicing in Aviation. Taxiing & turning 20 knots -30 knots on Expert Server is kinda disrespectful. It’s same purpose on PC flight simulator. Infiniteflight did help a lot for me. The way you say IF is a “game” is disrespectful.


Infinite flight can be a game or a sim! It depends on how you use it. Some people mess around and some fly like there real world pilots.

I don’t think Infinite flight has the features to be played as a almost sim. Yes they label themselves as a sim but they don’t have interactive cockpits and they don’t have voice atc. These 2 things are the most important in a sim imo

The definition of sims varies, some people say it’s flight sim some say it’s a game 🤷‍♂️


I agree, thank you for bringing this out into the light! I would refer to it as a game honestly. I feel that we learn a few things here on IF but then it just gets repetitive and we all become pros at one point or another.


That’s why there’s a “Casual” or “Training” server if you describe a “game” but on “Expert” Server is more on realistic side world.


I mean expert still has pilots who treat it like a game…

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Because it’s easy to access to Expert Server. As I remember correctly, there are already some complaints topic in the past few months regarding with on Expert server which some people are doing unprofessional / disrespectful acts with Active ATC or inactive airspace.


Facts^ People can easily get to the expert server within days


Yeah. I agree. Just doing some T&GO.


One very important thing that’s sometimes forgotten:
Respect goes both ways.

The users who volunteer their free time to help out with appeals are probably one of the most well behaved group of people I’ve personally seen in this Community.

After first seeing this topic, i decided to go have a look at the Appeals inbox and the correspondence going on there between our users and the Appeals team. The ability these people have to keep their cool & reply respectfully while being treated in quite the opposite way is quite impressive.

This simply isn’t true in regards of appeals:

And i would like the be very clear;
If you engage in a discussion with the controller in question, and the controller is disrespectful, condescending or similar - it will be severely addressed. There’s been cases like that over the many years I’ve been active.

In fact, pilots are usually given a “longer leash” when it comes to these things as both we as a team as well as Appeals can understand the “emotional” aspect of being reported.

Everyone should be treated with respect, it’s that simple.

And in all honesty, saying that moderators & appeals sides with the controllers in most cases is in my opinion quite disrespectful and untrue. But anyone is more than welcome to prove me wrong.


We offer courtesy removals for the first report if we feel it’s necessary but we’re only there to judge if the report was valid. If it is we will need to side with the controller’s decision to report. I looked at your appeals messages from before and the ones that were upheld were for legitimate reasons based on your replay.


When I read the title I thought we were going start singing or something…


Thank you, Deer. Very cool.


You can describe it as a game or simulator. Either way, it isn’t real and people take it too seriously. Like I said, that is my 2 cents. It’s just an app at the end of the day.

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Then again, people should treat people how they want to be treated.


Thanks for giving your 2 cents! Could you maybe provide some instances where the things you describe happen?

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