QVG-Igamerfellow’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

G’day there IFC!

If you’re free right now, whether its for five minutes or an hour, I ask you to come down to Zurich International Airport (LSZH/ZRH) so I can practice my ATC skills for my IFATC test. I’ll be online for about an hour.


Pattern Work Allowed
Runways 10 and 34 are in use

Any feedback is appreciated, and of course, don’t feel obliged to spawn in.

Best Regards,

  • Adam S (QVG-Igamerfellow)
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Hey there Adam nice to see that you are interested in IFATC. Ill come down and do some patterns for you.

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Thanks mate!

Hey. Very good job!! Few minor things about my sesion:

  • On my takeoff 32, left traffic, then you send me to enter right downwind 19. It was a little bit dangerous because there is a traffic rolling on 19 at same time. Could be better take from 32 and make right traffic, then enter right downwind 19.

  • At one point, you sequenced me #2, but really I was #3

  • Forget give me “exit runway” comand. If aircraft is at 60kts. or below on runway, tell him “exit runway”.

Regards. Dani.

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Thank you very much for the feedback, I thought I click on the “make right traffic command” but didn’t. And yes, I forgot about the exit runway command. xD

I’ll try and improve for next time!

Thanks for coming along!


I would recommend choosing airports with parallel runways. It’s easier to have multiple people in the pattern at once.

R u still there if so ill come down

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Adam make sure you edit the title of this thread to closed if your not controlling. Thanks

I am now open at YPAD! Come on down and do some pattern work or just fly out/in!

Will do, coming now to do patterns

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Thank you to everyone who came. Sorry it was such a short session.

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I am now open at Zurich (LSZH)! Check the top post for more details!

Thanks for the service. I will send you the feedback via PM.

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