Quiz - which pattern entry instruction where they given?

Just a little quiz, to have a good chat and who knows, someone may learn something.
Please don’t take it too serious!


Your answer must have 6 parts.


Here’s my guesses…
1 Enter left downwind RWY 09L
2 Enter right downwind RWY 09L
3 Enter right base RWY 09R
4 Enter right downwind RWY 09L
5 Enter straight in RWY 09L
6 Enter left base RWY 09L


My answers:

1.Enter 45 Left downwind Runway 9L
2. Cross mid-field for the right downwind 9L
3.Enter Right Base 9R
4.Enter 45 Right downwind 9L
5.Enter Straight in 9L
6.Enter Left Base 9L

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My responses:

  1. Enter left downwind rwy 09L, number 3, traffic to follow is on left base.
  2. Enter right downwind rwy 09L, number 5, traffic to follow is on right downwind.
  3. Enter right base rwy 09R.
  4. Enter right downwind rwy 09L, number 4, traffic to follow is on left downwind.
  5. Enter straight in rwy 09L.
  6. Enter left base rwy 09L, number 2, traffic to follow is on final.

Exactly the same as @a380fan


Better get these right lol


  1. L Downwind 09L
  2. R Downwind 09L
  3. R Base 09R
  4. R Downwind 09L
  5. Straight In 09L
  6. L Base 09L [/details]

1- enter left downwind rwy 9l
2- enter right downwind rwy 9l
3- enter right base 9r
4- enter right downwind 9l
5- enter straight in rwy 9l
6- enter left base rwy 9l

@azeeuwnl… Nice educational Topic. Lotta winners. Appears as if the Peanut are mute on this one. They only chime in if it’s a KISS one liner. Regards, Max

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1.) Enter straight in 27L
2.) Enter straight in 27L
3.) Enter straight in 27L
4.) Enter straight in 27L
5.) Enter straight in 27L
6.) Enter straight in 27L


I hope you’re joking…


Is the aircraft pictured on final a 7th aircraft?

I guess the true reason I posted this, is so that pilots who don’t know, read the responses quietly, work out who are joking and hopefully learn something.


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