Quiz Time!

This topic is going to be about some quizzes that I or anybody else would like to come up with, these quizzes can be about anything that has to due with aviation (Real world and IF) So here is your first question!

Question: Which airport in Canada Has 2 Runways that are all more than 10,000 FT in length and is not located on the U.S. Border?

Is it.

A: Toronto Pearson
B: Montreal
C: Edmonton
D: Vancouver
E: None of the above
(Please don’t google the answer)

Now it is your turn to come up with a quick quiz
(Remember it can also be about IF)

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The answer is E. None of them have four runways.

Edit: Answer is A. Toronto has two main runways that are longer than 10k feet.

But D is Vancouver 😂

I changed it ;) That’s the power of the editing.

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Well correct and incorrect, Toronto’s runways are longer than 10,000 FT but there is another airport up there that has 10,000 FT runways

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Whatever @emil said 👆