Quiz Closed. MaxFacts: Pegasus 1st Launch (Boeing KC-46 Tanker) Video/Quiz for a Peanut (@Etrain Wins)

MaxSez: “If it ain’t Boeing, It ain’t Going”!

Quiz for a Peanut: What Basic Boeing Commercial Design was this Aircraft built from.


An awesome plane, great to watch :D

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Would have been something to be there in person.


Wow. What a video. I beleive it is the 767?

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I believe that would be the Boeing 767-2C! Amazing aircraft!

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Is it not in service yet?

I believe the one in the video is the 7th one built, and the takeoff was on Tuesday though I could be wrong.

image@Etrain. MaxSez: Correctomondo, have a Peanut;

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It looks good. However I bet you it cost more than if they just bought the Airbus tankers. Any Boeing or Airbus aircraft looks amazing with Air Force Liveries on them!


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