[QUIZ] Can you identify the Airline just from the logos on their tails? (LOCKED)

I was scrolling through Facebook and happen to come across this quiz about if you could identify and airline just from the tail. I laughed and did the quiz.

Man was that quiz so easy, 38 out of 38 correct. Funny part was some of the images had the Registration and some blocked part of the name (one image literally gave the name away).

I thought I’d share here. Test your knowledge and comment below how many you got right.

Answers Correct Wrong Overall Score
38 38 0 100%

Pretty sure there’s a virus on that website FYI

As each time I went on it… Many other things pop up saying that I won a award and then it proceeded to send me that message

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Are you sure? How do you know?

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Yeah, I was in the middle of the quiz and I got selected for a “special prize”

What sucks is that I was on a roll

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Are you on Windows? I never got a Pop up on my Computer about an award

I’m on my iphone. Scammers do that on unsecured websites.

Dang special prize stuff got in my way. But I’ll tell you for sure I know every one I answered so far.

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I’m on IOS. Windows has the same thing though… Just checked

I’m on my MacBook Pro though. I never got any pop ups.

Tried again, same problem 🤦🏼‍♂️

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