Quit spamming/abusing the features category!

Hey guys

Recently I have been seeing an increase in the number of feature requests on this forum.

The features category is for feature requests for IF but in recent times it is being abused/spammed by more than 10 livery requests per day by the same user and people not searching before posting this can lead to a lot of disorganization. Our awesome mods like @Carson , @MishaCamp , @Cameron and other mods work tirelessly to keep our forum clean, can’t we help them a bit by searching before posting .

Another way this category is being spammed is by livery requests. These requests are not bad but they can be an really annoying if someone posts like 20 livery requests a day.

To all new members please search before posting and don’t request more than 2 liverys a day

Also please don’t request liverys for aircraft that are not confirmed or in IF because it clogs the feature category.

To all TL0 users: please for gods sake don’t request features it is an annoyance to the mods


I request this be closed due to redundancy.

Aren’t these guidelines posted already?


I understand your concerns but please don’t tag the moderators…and this has been discussed in the past.


Quit abusing the meta category. All of this has been stated multiples upon multiples of times before. Thank you.


Yes. Only tag devs! 😆

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Has there been an increase in the #real-world-aviation category.

Please PM us if you notice something like this, because I definitely haven’t.

This will always be an issue as new users are not familiar with the forum guidelines. If you do see a new member post a feature request though, make sure to be nice and welcoming. Nobody wants to be told by several people at once that they can’t post a feature request until they’re of trust level member.

Please do not create rules like this. Any user that is eligible to post in features is allowed to request any aircraft they so desire as long as it follows the guidelines.


Going to go ahead and close this as this has been posted many times before and does not fit the category guidelines for #meta .