Quistion about lock free cam

When I get inside the plane and I use this feature, can I hear the internal or external sounds?

From the looks of things the sounds would be just as if you were flying around in the normal free camera

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From the looks of it the sounds will switch based on whether you’re inside or outside.

From the looks of stuff I think it won’t change since it just locks a position in free cam. Right now, all sounds don’t change even if you go into the aircraft. So I am guessing this will be the same for locked mode, unless the devs change it

What I understand is that we will have two different cam, one for the interior and an other for the exterior

Ahh, that is interesting, maybe the sounds will change after all

So… if we are in exterior drone cam, can we not enter the aircraft?

They are using cameras thus I am expecting two different ones.

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