Quiet Please. Don’t scare the Ramper

Hello IFC.
Today was a special day for me! My parents for the first time ever got to see me work our LAX flight in today. They arrived from Atlanta on board a Boeing 717. They took pictures of me in various of stages including marshaling in the airplane and doing my walk around.

Enjoy the pictures and fill free to ask questions below.


Was this a coincidence, or was it planned?

That’s cool that they got to see you. Well done with your work, @N1DG!


Well they were already coming back around the time my flight was coming in soo It kinda just happened

So LIT has a jetbridge sitting on the ground?


Honestly love this for you
Having your parents stand proud and watch you do a job that you love is an unmatched feeling


There replacing some of the older ones. This one is a newer one that’s about to go in


I completely agree! It was a cool moment

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I noticed when we were taxing out for deicing last I flew out of PIT that there is a parking lot full of jet bridges here, just a fun fact in case anyone was curious 😂

Don’t ask why, I have no idea, keeping one or two spares around doesn’t seem that crazy (but we’re not where near capacity so there is probably one not in use somewhere) but there was at least a dozen…


Dang that’s kinda cool though

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“Hey there son!”

“Dad sorry for now i am marshalling an Airbus A320,Talk to momma and you later”

Pretty much what happened

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