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I was wondering what flights give you the most XP as I’m currently 3,000XP away from Grade 3. Any suggestions? By the way, I bought live in October but only had time for flight in February.

A quick way to get XP is to do square patterns in the TBM at EHAM on Casual.

However, if this is to be able to fly on Expert, be sure you are completely ready before starting! Good luck!

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I get the most XP quickly by going to a small airport with multiple runways and doing crazy-right patterns in the Super Declathon (take off one runway do a quick and tight 180 turn and land on the parallel runway). I can do heaps of patterns in a quick amount of time.


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The way I got grade 3 is by doing a very long long haul flight about 14 hours long. I think that long haul flights is a great way of getting xp quickly because you can go to sleep at night and land in the morning and end the flight with a lot of xp depending on how long you flew

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Just leave your phone flying for a night and when you wake up…boom.

Yeh, true but it’s already 1;17pm here so a long haul flight is not possible as I have early training tomorrow (Saturday) and I need to sleep well.

Using windy.com and finding windy locations benefits your XP count if you decide to do touch and goes at that windy location. If your not into that try doing long hauls as that will easily gain you XP. A location I like to do touch and goes at for fun without worrying about wind is KRND with its two parallel runways. I hope this helps identify what decisions you have. 🙂

To sum up the difference between doing a long haul and tight patterns is quite simple. You can either spend 10+ hours of flying a long-haul to ultimately get like 5000XP… or you can do some tight patterns which you can easily get thousands of XP in under an hour!

The choice is yours,


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