Quick way check the METAR?

Isn’t it? Really grateful a friend told me about it!

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I tried it and its not working. I triple checked the number and I have LTE 4 bars right now. Anyone else having problems?


Not working for me either. Aviationweather.gov (where it pulls from) is working, so I wonder if it’s a problem on their end. I’d check back later.

@anon93248082 I can’t get away from you lol I was about to comment that option but I didn’t know you played IF! I set that text thing up last night

Do you have to pay for each message if you’re in West Europe?

I use the system in the attached image. Works every time! ;)


This one is awesome and easy to use, thanks!

Hey brother! Lol it’s a sign! Thanks for creating it man!

Rip looks like you have to buy a subscription


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Darn! Mine doesn’t work anymore thought it was a really good idea…

Well guess we can close and unlist this post now if any moderator is free to do this. Sorry all!

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There’s probably another one if you do some research…?

I’ll have to look around see if I find one for sure!

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There is a Website with Phone Numbers to Voice ATIS’. Some work some don’t, mainly they are all in the UK.

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haha this is fantastic

Currently searching the interwebs for my own copy

But in other news, this METAR texting hasnt worked for me. I’ll keep trouble shooting it


In the US we have airport information called the Chart Supplement which includes ATIS/AWOS frequencies, and usually includes a phone number to monitor the broadcast. It’s pretty cool.

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To go off of @SF34 's post, my home airport KHND has a landline which you can call to hear the current ATIS. Its free, but you can only listen to it three times and onely one caller at a time (if someone else is listening, you won’t be able to get through).

International Voice Rates and airtime charges apply when calling this number while outside the US.

Oh nice, I had no idea about that. There is a number in there for a field in Florida, I don’t think it works however…

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LOL! I need one of those!

Fantastic, great discovery hahahah

well you do have to pay $5 a month tho :(

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