Quick VO question

Is it possible to make a Star Alliance VO?


(Also mods, please put this in the VA topic, ty)

I’m not sure but they already exist , I just don’t know if they are IFVARB approved or not. But you can DM they!

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It’s not on IFVARB.

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Star Alliance is an internally run organisation by many VA’s and is recognised by the IFVARB along with OneWorld and Skyteam. These alliances are not recognised as its own VO which is why it is not seen in IFVARB.


I don’t know if they are or not now because they say that they are in restart process , they may not be there now but if they are applying and in progress to be approved , IFVARB won’t accept other applications from other Star Alliance

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Yes, Star Alliance exists and is pretty active. They are not that active on IFC but it is very active on Discord.

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