Quick Vectoring Question

When ATC gives you altitude instructions, what is a good decent rate to reach that altitude? Does it matter?

You have to figure it out yourself. It depends on how far you are out. ATC will give you speed instructions if you are descending too slowly, so that will be a sign that you are descending too slowly.
If you think that you are a bit high, then descend faster. If you think that you are a bit low, then descend a bit slower.

So you are saying that for the most part, it’s up to the PIC?

It’s going to be dependent but if you know you are close to the airport and you are quite high then descend faster. I tend to naturally use -800VS and go up to -1400VS or further if I’m really high or need to come down quickly

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Yes, for the most part.

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Ok, thanks for the quick answers. This topic can be closed.

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