Quick Update Question

So I have a flight with the TBM that I want to try today, but I heard somewhere that there is going to be a change to the cockpit in the update tomorrow. I know the developers don’t like all of these update questions, but I’m just wondering because if there is an update then I’ll obviously just wait until tomorrow to try the flight

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where did you hear that an update is tomorrow ??,
make sure to go follow this page and you will find all update info and answers there

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You’re gonna waste a day waiting for this update. It’s not coming tomorrow :)

According to the official Instagram, it seems that there will be an updated TBM cockpit coming in 19.4. As Scott said, keep an eye on that topic as well as the whole #announcements category.

There will be a premier 19.4 update video tomorrow though. You should watch that to get a sense of everything in this upcoming update.


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I guess when I saw the premiere for Friday I assumed the update was coming 🙁


No problem, glad we could help to answer and keep you on track with whats happening.

Hope you have a good day and see you for the premiere tomorrow !!


Thanks! Now I can go fly that TBM instead of trying to find another 4 hour flight

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