Quick update on personal projects


Haven’t been on the forums and IF for that matter as much as I would like to be, life has seemed to get a lot more exciting and busy, so I’m not able to spend as much time catching up with the community and the ATC team anymore.

I have been receiving a hell of a lot of email notifications from people adding to topics and projects I’ve created like the Infinite flight checklists: Surprise, improved infinite flight checklists
And a couple others like the visual concept mock up: What might Infinite Flight look like in a few years?
Really happy with the way both have worked out and the heap of discussions going on!

Just a quick update on an upcoming project I’ve been working on with another guy. Originally I wanted to create another third party infinite flight tracker similar to that of @Cameron’s LiveFlight. However, after thinking it through I thought I’d try and make something a little more ‘unique’ (sort of), as there isn’t much else to perfect on the current LiveFlight tool.

I’ve teamed up with a really talented coder in C#, a language that I’m very slowly starting to get to grips with (slowly) we are both in the process of trying to create and app similar to that of ‘Planefinder’ and ‘flightradar24’ that uses a process called ADS-B. I won’t go into detail but this lovely bit of technology will allow us to access realtime aircraft data and geopositioning. Hopefully this will allow you guys and everyone for that matter to track live air traffic within their region. We are hoping to implement some more specialised features that the current flight tracer market doesn’t yet offer.

We aren’t looking to get this released anytime soon as the work that is required is immense, I’m still aiming towards my PPL and the other guy is a full time programmer for a separate company, we are just having fun and experimenting a little, getting sound advice from current developers working on similar things.

I’ll try and keep you all updated and I appreciate that this isn’t entirely Infinite flight related, but thought I’d keep you in the mix. If you guys have any things you’d like to see that your current tracker maybe doesn’t offer, or things that might make it a little bit more accessible, leave it in the comments.

Chow for now :)


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