Quick tip if you are having trouble landing the C-130

Guys, a hear a lot of you are having trouble landing the C-130. Here’s a quick tip:

Do not flare. The C-130 isn’t constructed to flare, instead you transition.

What does that mean, you ask?

Well, instead of flaring like you are used to in all other aircraft, you simply skip that part. Keep it steady in the same pitch you have had in your approach. Continue on the glide slope until you hit the ground.

If you want to stop fast, you do the same thing. But as soon as you hit the ground, you push - yes, PUSH the nose wheel down on the runway while you apply full reverse thrust and brakes. If you are on a short runway, apply full reverse thrust already 20-30ft above the runway.

Remember, this is a military transport aircraft - there is no such thing called “comfort” here. Your job is to get the aircraft on the ground.


That’s not how we do in Danish Air Force. We care about each other 🤗
Great post, Mats!


yea that explains a lot…as even the gear is quite too close to the attactchment of fuselage…if u try n flare u might even have a tailstrike!


lol, thanks for the help! if only i could reverse those flares…

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Do we touch down level or slightly nose down?

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Can you post a video about this, Mats? I kinda don’t understand it…


You still land nose up, but you don’t change the AoA from the approach. When you have a stable approach you are slightly nose up - keep that pitch until you touch down, don’t “flare” right before touching down as you would ‘normally’.

@dush19 I might if many don’t understand what I mean…


Should this be moved to #tutorials?

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That will be the decision of a moderator. :)

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Ok, thanks!

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There are some great examples on YouTube of tactical take offs and landings too. Worth a look if you want to get an idea how that particular beast behaves.


Awesome, did not know this! Thanks for sharing.


Very interesting! Thanks! :)

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Oh ok, because it seemed like whenever I flared that the nose gear would bounce a lot. Thanks for the info!

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