Quick Tip for Initial Check Ins & ATIS

I’ve only been controlling for 20 minutes with the new update and I’m already seeing a small mistake that pilots are making that should be addressed.

When you (pilot) call up ground for push, you should say you have the current ATIS if it’s available. After you call up ground initially and the controller acknowledges that you have the current ATIS information, you don’t need to repeat that you have the ATIS again when you request taxi. Only tell us you have it the first time you check in whether it be to ground or if you’re calling inbound to tower. You don’t need to repeat it since we already know you have the ATIS the first time you called in.

Most of you probably didn’t know this since the ATIS feature is brand new but hopefully this helps you with future flights and with the new feature. Hope you guys find this helpful and enjoy the new update!

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Assuming it’s the same version (i.e. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) then you are correct. If it has updated, then you need to specify during taxi.

No you don’t. Once tower/ground acknowledges you have the current ATIS you do not need to tell the same controller you have the ATIS. You’re just repeating yourself.

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Infinite Flight says it for Pushback and Taxi… (may be my fault)


That’s what I’m saying. If it has changed, then you must specify. If it hasn’t, then you don’t need to say anything.

EDIT: @Laura That’s okay.

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Yeah, might want to fix that lol. I figured it might have been coded that way after every pilot was saying it to me.

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It will be fixed, didn’t have time to make sure all the corner cases were taken into account before we shipped.


Ok. I have a quick question about ATIS. You can set what the arrival and departure runways are, but if people are doing patterns at a runway, can you broadcast that? Or do you just not bother with it?

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MaxSez: Hay IFATC’s with ATIS I can now visualize standard designated Take Off and Landing Runway as the norm for those B multi-RWay Controlled aerodromes. Let’s us a bit of common sense shall we. You can always designate one for big fat Trash Haulers and one for medium and lite stuff. Let not continue to practice your craft by rote… Lead, Follow or Get out of the way!!

True, but let’s say you’re in a spot where you can’t push back and can only request taxi. Would people still be able to say then the ATIS info they have?

I would think so. You’ll have to test that one out.

basically it doesn’t matter what you’re requesting whether it’s push and start or taxi. the point is they need to code a way that makes it the initial request whether it’s push or taxi or calling inbound to land. Knowing Laura and the other developers they have the coding knowledge to make that happen. might take some time tho