Quick tip for having a smooth A/P activation on the older aircraft

Before activating it, make sure to clean the aircraft (AKA flaps to 0°/0) according to its corresponding retraction speed, then activate it. You will have a smooth transition from manual to A/P.
If you already knew about it, good for you, I discovered it last month.


Isn’t there a smooth transition already from manual to A/P? Laura fixed this in the 787 update.


Haven’t flown the 787 much, though this is for the older aircraft.

There’s a smooth transition for all aircraft.

Here’s a video Laura posted explaining it.

I was talking about the transition from manual to auto on the older aircraft, that doesn’t show anything.

Older aircraft even have a smooth transition. Go try it out.

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Every aircraft has a smooth transitions since the 787 Update

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I didn´t realize that the update had been that big.

I’m definitely not seeing the smooth transition on the C17.

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