Quick test flight with the Air Mauritius VA Staff team

1)So recently, me and the rest of the Air Mauritius VA (not IFVARB approved but will apply soon) Staff team did a group flight together in the A350,A319,A330 and A318

  1. We did it on the training server on May 17 at around 9:07 HK time and finished at around 9:45 HK Time.
    Route: Did a pattern around FIMP


You guys look really close on the last one, well done!


Well done. Congratulations on your VA project 👏

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Thank you very much!

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Nice ones, good luck with your VA!

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Great looking photos there, and good luck with Air Mauritius VA!


Been a while :)

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Unfortunately it failed. I used to be the CEO…

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How come it failed?
Chin up :)

It got reserved in the middle of the process. We ended up trying to make 2 other different VAs and they both got reserved as well. And out of all of those I haven’t seen a single one make it through IFVARB. Oh well just our luck. XD

Any reason why it got reversed?

You can DM me if you’d like.

Not sure. But they aren’t on the reservation list anymore and I have no interest in remaking those one’s in particular. This was AGES ago so I don’t really care anymore but that’s just what had happened.

Also reserved not reversed.

Ah. I apologized. Read it wrong…

Nice photo!!