Quick subscription question

Hey guys :) ,
My subscription is supposed to expire on the 5th of April. I definitely plan on renewing it as soon as I can thanks to some amazing people I’ve met here :) . My question is would I still be able to access it tomorrow? I know I am not doing as much flying as I used to due to traveling but… I still enjoy it when I can :) thank you :)

It will expire exactly one month/one year/6 months after you activated it. For example, if you activated it at 11am on March 5th it will expire at 11am tomorrow.

Thank you :) . It’s my first time I’ve had this happen. I best get some short haul flights in while I can :)

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since tomorrow is 5th of April, of course you can still access and if I’m not mistaken, you can still have a few extra days, this happens in case the person can not pay on the due date.

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Thank you :) I sure hope so. I’m crossing my fingers :)

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