Quick Spotting Trip for an Old Lady | Munich, March 27, 2019

Hey guys!

After some excessive topics from Innsbruck and special planes arriving at Munich for the Security Conference, I’m back with a quick topic from Munich today. El Al arrived with one of its 747s on a special charter flight from Tel Aviv so I once again used my lunch break to get a pic of this soon to be retired bird. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t very favorable for spotting so the quality is not as great as you saw it during the last few topics.

The charter flight performed by 4X-ELB, named Haifa, actually was the first plane to land after I arrived.

Shortly after, the runways were changed so I was able to capture some departing long haul planes lifting off in front of me. The first departure after the runway change was Lufthansa’s D-AIXG, an A350 in old colors departing for Delhi.

Another A350, this time operated by Singapore airlines, departed back to its home base in Asia.

Even though A350s have become a very common sight at Munich, there are still several long haul operations every day which are performed with 4-engined aircraft such as the A340-600.

Another 4 engine aircraft of course is the A380. In contrast to the A340-600 to New York, this plane to Miami performing flight LH460 is already wearing the new Lufthansa colors. Today actually was the first time I managed to take a picture of one of the repainted super jumbos. From the beginning of the summer schedule next sunday, the route to Miami will be downgraded again and the A380 will operate to LAX, Hong Kong and Beijing again.

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TL;DR service for @dush19: I took a few pics of planes back home in Munich


Great shots as always :)
The A340 is my favorite :)

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That LY 747 is 🔥
put that livery in IF ASAP

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The A346 never fails to amaze me. Such a beautiful piece of engineering!


@Moritz great photos regardless of the weather! Love the short descriptions you give of each aircraft as well :)

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Hey, it could be worse. You could be in Toronto 😂😂😂

Great shots nonetheless


@Moritz yay! Another post! 😍😍😍

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You’re so lucky to spot these beauties! Sadly we don’t get many jumbos at MSP

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O my gawd

Amazing as usual, keep it up!

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Well, at Munich we aren’t very lucky anymore when it comes to 747s. We get some freighters, but with Thai changing equipment to a 777 we lost our last scheduled pax 747 flight last fall

I really like the new livery on the A380. It looks so good 😍

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Idk I think I like the old one better

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Great shots as usual Moritz! I would say I have a favorite, but I love them all!

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Great shots! The thrust coming out of the a380 is epic!

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Great shots! That a380 with the new livery…

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350 with new livery? 🤔 what did I miss in my own topic 🤪

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That’s sad, I remember when Delta and NWA merged and we lost our last scheduled 747 in 2010. NWA was huge around here.

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