Quick Spotting Session from Costco @KEGE 11/17/18

Living in the mountains of Colorado, it’s not that easy to go spottting when and wherever you want. That’s why you take the chance when you get it. I wouldn’t say that spotting from a Costco parking lot is the best place to go but, when you have the chance, I like to take it. These aren’t the best photos coming especially since they are from the lense of an I phone 7 but, they are definitely not the worst! Here are the photos:

Cessna Citation C68A from Telluride, CO.

American Airlines A319 from Dallas, TX.

Learjet LJ60 arriving from Chattanooga, TN.

Learjet LJ40 from Grand Island, NE

Cessna Citation V from Oakland, CA

Thanks for viewing my photos! Hope you have a great day.
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Beautiful shots! I especially like the AA A319 with Sharklets :)

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Same here, theres a costco right next to KSJC where I love to spot.

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We all know Costco is Bae
A Costco where u can spot?!



Hey! I watched that AA A319 take off from KDFW, @Wattsup_jet!


Costco’s are near every airport lol. At Lax there is one and Sba haha.

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I work at a Costco near KSNA and KNTK. It is bae…

I knew Costco was good for more than food…although I do recommend the Veggie Straws that to on sale from time to time. Combine that with a good plane spotting sesh and you’re in life!!!

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