Quick spotting at RDM, got a visit from a special someone

Today was going to be like any other day, then 22.5 came out (which caught me off guard) then my mom told me that my dad was flying in. Keep in mind it’s a pretty small airport and he very rarely flies into here so it turned out to be a pretty good day. Anyways to my unedited iPhone 12 pics…

United ERJ175 in from LAX


my dad not deer

The beautiful Cessna Citation Latitude.

Thanks for viewing!


Is that him I don’t think it is

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It’s his dad. Not Deer.

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It’s my dad not deer

Thank you.

Oh it was a little confusing

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Awesome pics! Love the Challenger as well. It has such a mean ramp presence.


i agree it’s a vey cool plane

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Great stream today @DeerCrusher


Is there something you’re not telling us dad? I mean Deer? :P


It is. I have yet to stick my head in a Latitude. Poked my head into one of the Phenom 300s the other day. Big NO WAY lol. Way too small for my liking. 😂

@Avaitor1 ❤️ Thanks. Might have to pop into another one some day. Glad you enjoyed it!


Ha ha I am on the floor laughing right now

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I have a whole new understanding of why it takes so long for editing airports

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I see Latty, I like the post 😍

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