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Hey everyone,

I don’t necessarily like these topics, but I think it’s time for a quick reminder on patience, demands, and mindset when it comes to a subscription service such as that provided by Infinite Flight. Having been on the forum for getting on 6 years, I’ve got a little perspective from the consumer side on how Infinite Flight runs things.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that not everything revolves around the community’s say-so. The developers certainly listen to the community, and look to it as a gauge of what features are popular and desired. But as they have explicitly stated, the forum does not have the sole power to determine what happens to the simulator.

I’ll try and draw a metaphor between the simulator and buying a product. When you are looking to buy something online or in person, you’re likely seeking that item because you can’t create it yourself, or you don’t already have that product. You look for the different brands on offer, what features come with each, and so on. You don’t call up the factory and order them to make you a product meeting your exact specifications. That’s not how the process works - you don’t have the authority to demand that. Sometimes you find something that works perfectly; sometimes you have to compromise and get something that meets your requirements but doesn’t have every single thing you’re looking for. There’s not always going to be the perfect combination of everything.

So thinking about that mindset, we’re all here because we likely all came to the realization that Infinite Flight is the best mobile-based flight simulator. Perfectly understandable - but again this is a product we decided to purchase from the app store, because I’m pretty sure none of us possess the skills or ability to create a similar sim.

Infinite Flight is a little different than my metaphor, because it is a product that evolves as you hold on to it. Which is awesome, and also gives you a product that gets better and better with time. It therefore makes sense that you’d want to see the changes fix exactly everything that doesn’t quite match your expectations. That’s where the features category comes into play - you vote and voice support for those features that you feel are missing and/or don’t yet meet your expectations. That’s fine. What’s not great is when that support shifts from a suggestion to a demand or threat. It’s happened in multiple places (not calling out anything in particular - such demands and indignation are omnipresent in many topics on this forum). That behavior seems to stems from an entitlement factor, which is where the disconnect exists. The ability to suggest additions and changes does not equate to the position of CEO at Infinite Flight.

The developers are the only ones truly qualified to make the business decisions that allow Infinite Flight to continue to grow and move into the future. I’d say they’ve demonstrated strong leadership, since they’ve been doing this for now over 10 years, and just look where the simulator is today. They know where the simulator needs to be in 1, 2, 5 years from now, but the information required for that foresight is not something we as the community are privy to. So we can’t possibly know what the big picture is, and therefore aren’t in a position to accurately pass judgement on whether a decision made by the developers was the right one.

I’m not trying to dissuade anyone from advocating for their feature request. It’s just that the “gimme mentality” is counterproductive, because it puts the devs in an awkward position, and almost always leads to anger and friction between the community and the devs, and among the community itself.

I’m not looking to pick an argument here, and while you might be right in that I don’t really have any “authority” to send this out, I’d counter by saying that if a developer or moderator said all this you’d probably get upset, so I think it helps coming from a fellow community member. Mainly wanted to make it as a PSA for moving forward, as the sim reaches new heights and this forum continues to be a center of discussion and interaction for the ever-growing community. Especially for some of us “old-timers” here, it’s frustrating to see because if you stick around long enough, you’ll quickly understand that everything simply takes time. Things always and only get better with time for this sim. You just need to meet the developers halfway with understanding and patience, not impatience and anger.


I strongly dislike how it has to be said. Im in complete agreement with you. Updates come out when they come out. No one (including the developers) can say an exact date when a new update will be released as unforeseen issues do arise. The developers and Infinite Flight staff do an amazing job at keeping the community informed about updates.

I always tell people that patience is king. Updates will be released when ready, and no one knows when ‘ready’ is.

Nicely put! Lots of people do not understand this concept that they do not run the sim. The developers are entitled to add what they want when they want with or without acceptance by forum.

Thanks for this hopefully it has opened the eyes of some users!

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