Quick Reflection on 4 Years on the Forum.

Well today is my four-year anniversary here on the forum. It’s been amazing to see not only how much the sim has progressed, but also how much this community has grown. What Infinite Flight has become has been the product of each and every one of our work, input, debates and ideas. Without the community I promise the sim wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is today and we should all be thankful for each other for sharing this passion of ours. So cheers to all of you, and cheers to many more years of fun with this amazing sim and community!


No problem! Happy you have enjoyed your time in the IFC and IF. Thanks for being a valuable member of our great community. Keep up the great work. 😉


Wow, 4 years. You’re most definitely a veteran at this point. It’s crazy to think that this community started as a Facebook group and grew to what it has become. The forum is a place where the community can voice their opinion, and we as the community have the luxury of being heard. I agree, it’s come a long way since 4 years ago, so here’s to more! Congratulations and thank you for your contributions.


Congrats man. I actually started playing about 4 years ago in early 2015, I took a long break but nevertheless I remember what everything was like. And wow, the sim has really progressed since then. As you said, without people like you the sim wouldn’t be anywhere near like it is today. So thank you for your dedication, and here’s to another 4 years! 🍻


Thank you! I’ll also add that my love for sims and aviation in general has grown as well. I see this as just the beginning of my aviation passion and who knows where it’ll take me but I can for sure thank that this sim and this community for feeding the fire all these years.


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