Quick questions about the BA 747


I know the IFC is not google, but i can not find an answer that makes sense

On flightaware and websites like that, there are planned flights with the BA 747, I thought it already retired
so i searched it up and it said they are retiring on 2024
that does not really makes sense

so can somebody tell me when there will be no more BA 747s in the air, so i am not confused

I can tell you that they are retired. No more BA 746 flights ever, those websites must not have updated their stuff. But yeah they are all retired :(

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A few months ago, British Airways announced the immediate retirement of all remaining Boeing 747s. They will no longer operate any passenger flights. They were supposed to be retired in 2024, but low air travel demand accelerated the retirements.

There are still a few more British Airways 747s that will fly in the coming weeks. These will head to storage or scrapping airports though.


The BA 747 was annouced its retirement in July over the coming weeks the aircraft will be flown for scrap or storage (Kemble, St Athan and Castellon)

They were due for 2024 but due to Covid and IAG expecting that passenger demand will be back for then. It also was a factor that nearly the whole flight would’ve needed to be sold to make a profit

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Only two are still at Heathrow in the moment and due for retirement as you wrote. I am not 100% sure how the situation in Cardiff is, but not so many flights remaining sadly.

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Maybe 6-8 at Cardiff and just the 2 in Heathrow

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Very interesting, thanks! Do you now if all from Cardiff will be flown out or are some staying there (e.g. for part-out)?

All will be removed from Cardiff. As they dont have the facalities there to break them up

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