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Why does the approach atc not allow us follow our fpl during approach?

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I don’t really know what you mean

not all times this is the case. in most cases, approach ATC would vector you away from your fpl either to avoid traffic or terrain, or to expedite your arrival. on the other hand, you would receive ‘continue as filed, expect xx approach.’ meaning you can continue on your FPL


This could be due to several reasons. A few that come to me are to maximize efficiency and cut your flp. If it unnecessarily goes farther out than needed it may be cut to save time. Another could be to make room for other planes or to avoid other planes. All depends on the situation and circumstances. Just know that anytime they vector you off your flp is for a good reason. You’ll never get a vector that doesn’t do something beneficial. We are trained to keep separation minimums most importantly, but also efficiency to the max extent possible. Just know there is always a reason.


Yeah, a plan is only a plan. Actual conditions encountered must always be expected to result in some deviations from a plan.

The purpose of a plan is for the user to have a disciplined method of engagement in the details of the task to complete.

The fact that you planned with adequate care, means you are that much better able to deal with the inevitable deviations from the ideal, due to traffic, weather, or the other range of issues of uncertainty.

Your main goal is to arrive as safely and perhaps as efficiently as possible, given the uncertainty inherent in the real world.