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Is Infinite Flight planning on making Berlin Tegel and Berlin Tempelhof airport 3D? That would be really cool. Berlin Tempelhof has a very interesting terminal design. And IF could have the Planespotters on the roof of the terminal at Tegel airport.

Berlin Tempelhof. Credit: Nürnberg Luftbild

Berlin Tegel. Credit: Bredt, Marcus

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Without knowing, it seems like a waste of ressources for the Scenery Editing Team to make closed and non operational airports 3D. :)


Hi, Infinite Flight Staff don’t create 3D airports. If you want to create 3D airports, sign up for Scenery Editor. This group is made up of volunteers who signed up, they don’t take any airport request.

The goal is to have all airports 3D. (Don’t know when that’ll happen)


WOW, that’s so cool!

Nah, I think it would be great.

You will need an active Infinite Flight Pro Subscription. Also, you wont get in right away. It may take months to get added. Please be patient if you sign up.


as someone from berlin i’d love if someone who’s in the ifaet would eventually make it happen

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