Quick question :)

Hiya :) anyone know who or what I can do to report someone on expert server :)

You can’t report others as a pilot.

Take screenshots of that person and send them to admins

You can’t, only IFATC can report you can always pm them :)

You only can report people on an expert as an ATC

Also IFATC Supervisors when they are flying

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do.

If it makes you feel better, I’m an IFATC specialist and there’s nothing I can do when flying as a pilot. Recently, I had a F/A-18 intentionally buzz me while on approach to KLAX. On one hand, it was amusing to see the other pilot do this, on the other, it was unprofessional conduct that doesn’t belong on Expert Server.

Two minutes later, KLAX approach opened and the F/A-18 spawned out, likely from fear of being reported. Had KLAX approach been open a few minutes earlier and radar controller observed this, the F/A-18 pilot would have been reported.

I only have the ability to report pilots at my airport or in my airspace when controlling. IFATC supervisors have the ability to report pilots when they’re flying.

On a closing note, I like to believe what comes around goes around. At some point, pilots engaged in bad behavior eventually will get reported and face consequences.


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This will lead to nowhere.
Violations are issued for live behaviour, and cannot be given after the problem occurred.

Only active IFATC controllers and IFATC Supervisors are able to report pilots.

But only when the action is live.


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