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When you take off from the airport, whats the altitude you put the gear up at or whats the altitude pilots put the gear up at i tried searching up on google but it doesn’t come up

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After rotation the aircraft, on PFD or HUD if the altitude positive & vertical speed positive or it can called as “positive rate/climb” you can put the gear up (CMIIW).

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Typically after you have a positive rate of climb,


10,000ft usually works. You should always leave the gear down just in case you need to stop off at the nearest SPAR to pick up a sandwich.


M&S sandwiches are better, just gonna put it out there…

Also to answer your question, I usually gear up once I’ve passed the end of the runway and am climbing…


this is funny because i live relatively close to a spar😂

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ok thank you!

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thank you!!

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