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Is it true that you have 3 aerial refuels per session? And if that is true, how did other people manage to get over 105 hours flight time with no stopping? Thanks

I wouldn’t be able to answer your question regarding the 3 refuels per session, but I can say that you can get 100+ hours of flight time but most of us don’t use aerial refueling. Instead, I land at an airport real quick to reset my fuel in the menu and then takeoff again. It takes less than 3-4 minutes for me, so it’s practically as if you never stopped.

I can’t do that. I must not stop. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the 3 aerial refuels per session thing is true.

It’s not just 3 refuels but (3 full tank refuels). Meaning if you’re flying the KC10 refueling off of another KC10, you are limited to 3 full refuels from 0-100%.

Now what some have done to extend its range is shutting off the tail mounted engine to save fuel on one burning engine. This in turn creates an even longer range on its already healthy range

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I am a c130j and refuelling of a dc10f

Ahhh but i refuelled from 30% so im fine?

Guess so time to continue my long journey which is not even close to ending

so im still flying so i guess its fine

just got my 5th refuel i think

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