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[I figured this should go In general rather than real world aviation, as it does have a connection to GA in Infinite Flight]

Whenever I see helicopters flying around, especially police helicopters, I frequently see them hovering at altitudes below 250 feet, flying backwards, and a whole bunch of other stuff. And when I listen to my home airport, JFK’s Atc, no matter what frequency I’m on I never hear any talk about inbound helicopters. It seems like helicopters and some GA aircraft don’t talk to atc at all. I’ve always assumed if you’re below a certain altitude, it’s pretty much free flight without atc communications. Is this true?

Local procedures vary. But many ATC/airspaces will give priority to police helicopters and air ambulances, hence the lack of a need to contact ATC. Most of these helicopters are tuned into ATC for controlled spaces, usually by VHF radio AND since these flights are almost always VFR flights, it’s the responsibility of the pilot flying to avoid any obstacles and other aircraft.

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