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I just had a short little question. Does anyone know when the developers go around the community to look for features to add into the sim? Do they randomly choose or do they have like a time table where like lets say after 2 months they go and find some

We’re always aware of the features everyone wants to see in the simulator. The saying goes… if you want it, we want it too :)


Not really, the AR E190 livery had 18 votes and was added. On the other hand, Flybondi’s B738 livery has over 50 votes and wasn’t added. I think it’s random.

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Oh okay nice! Thanks for the help

Nice! Thanks for the help! 😁

Yea thats what i was thinking too, maybe sometimes liveries are chosen for some diversity


This is simply untrue.

Tyler has clearly said numerous times that to choose liveries, he sorts livery requests by “Votes”, and adds the top ones in the list.

There is no boundary, is what I’m trying to say.

Oh ok, I thought I heard that somewhere but I guess I’m wrong

So lets say in the features like an a350 and a livery has the most votes for the a350. Would that be the one they try and prioritize to get added?


This is true.
We can’t always go on what the Community wants alone. Other factors matter too.


Its not aircraft specific. He sorts as shown here:

But of course, there can be exceptions for staff-wanted liveries at all times, as Seb mentioned


Nice! And out of curiosity what factors go into deciding if an aircraft or livery gets added into the sim

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So usually the ones with the most votes get added im guessing and also does it matter if a livery request in a specific aircraft has the most votes for that aircraft or does that not matter really

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From what I know - things like underrepresented regions and upcoming 3D airports can affect these decisions.

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This explains a large portion of it.
There’s probably more posts about it somewhere.

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Oh okay, so like if a new 3d airport is coming and really there isnt a major airline thay flies their infinite flight would add its livery? Or like the unrepresented region like a livery from a region that hasnt really been represented in the sim might have a higher chance of being added

Okay, thanks! Ill go read that topic

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Perhaps. Or vice versa. This was the case with the Avelo 737. Burbank was made 3D to complement its release.

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What about airlines in underrepresented regions, do those have more of a chance of being added for more diversity

I hope, some regions in the world have no liveries and would unlock so many routes.