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can u use xml to put in a flight plan from simbrief?
Or do u have just copy and paste

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I think all you can do is copy & paste.

do i copy were it says route

Yep, just press the copy button in the bottom right of the route box, and it will copy all of the right information into the app when you paste it into the search bar

Careful: Infinite flight does not recognize airways. So the waypoints along V386 between APLES and SOGGI will not appear. I usually open the PDF and put all the waypoints in individually. It’s a pain but it’s the way IF is right now.

Side note: it doesn’t really matter if you’re missing a few waypoints, but if you’re looking for an exact replication of simbrief’s routing, copy and pasting the route will not work

You can use the simbrief classic option from Infinite Flight FPL Converter to be able to copy simbrief’s flight plan into infinite flight. It replaces any missing waypoints (either from airways I believe or individual waypoints) from the flight plan with GPS coordinates. It is a pretty good website for these sorts of stuff.

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