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I’m playing on an iPad 7th Gen bought 4 years ago, and unfortunately I play it on all low

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Yes very good advice🤣🤣🤣

Samsung A21

When I had my old Samsung Tab A from 2015, i had anti aliasing off during cruising then turned it back on when landing, plane count on low, graphics on medium, & rendering on medium. It also helps if you clear scenery cache from time to time!

Well, it’s a lower powered device to say the least

You should set everything to low, and work up from there. See what settings you can increase without affecting performance too much. Aircraft count and rendering resolution will be the 2 most performance heavy.

Nobody can really tell you exactly what settings to use, as you are the only person with YOUR device. Everyone’s mileage will vary, hence why the device thread is just a guideline.

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