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Hello, quick question im looking for some advice/tips for working at the airport. i was gonna out it in #real-world-aviation but wasn’t sure if it would me taken down. If so does anyone know if there’s another channel i could ask for some advice?

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Are you asking on advice/tips on how to get a job working at an airport?

I’m confused in regards to the subject of this topic.

Would you mind clarifying?

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Yes! I’m just a bit slow on things so sorry if it sounded odd, but yes i’m looking for tips on how to become either a ramp agent, air traffic controller or even just working at a store/restaurant.

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No, don’t be sorry. I currently work as a Customer Service Agent with Qantas at Melbourne Airport in Australia. My best advice for you is as simple as just be YOURSELF!

Keep an eye on the careers website for the companies that operate within the airport such as Swissport, Dnata etc.

Also ensure to read through the requirements of any roles such as Air Traffic Control and ensure you meet all requirements before applying as this would provide you the best opportunity of being successful.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

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No worries mate. Wishing you the best of luck in getting a job at an airport. Hope to hear all about it soon!

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Unfortunately it might be a while since i am still 16! but at least i’m getting experience working at a part time! Thank you again! Hope to see you in Melbourne sometime lol!

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