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Is there a way to put multiple planes in a game and play by yourself?

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Can you please elaborate? do you mean so you can fly multiple planes all at the same time in solo?

ig but it could also mean a.i. flying one plane and the human flying the other plane
but in both cases the answer is no

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In other words, can you fly with multiple planes in solo mode? (Like you fly one plane and put others at the gates)

Hello John,
You are able to fly consecutively on all 3 servers at one time. Note, though, that they must be on 3 separate devices.
If you wish to fly on the same server with multiple aircraft at the same time, the only way that would work is by purchasing multiple subscriptions.
I think @CrazyBee does this with two accounts so if you were interested, he would be a great person to contact.
Hope this helps! Have a great day!


I don’t think others have given you the best answer, but to say it as concisely as possible, solo is exactly what it sounds. Just you, and you only - there is no way for other users to appear, or computer-generated aircraft. However, there is a feature request available for the latter of these features.

Static Aircraft

AI Airplanes

Thanks for the reply!

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