Quick question?

Is there any place to find how many certain liveries and aircrafts there are in Infinite Flight.
Would totally appreciate if somebody could give me the answer or direct me to a topic with the stats.

Yes, Just go on to https://fpltoif.com and click liveries it will give you a list of liveries of that airline that are in game

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This website: Infinite Flight FPL Converter

This website does not include the A220-300 (yet) and may be added in the future.

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Thanks! Idk if it shows that actual number and aircraft and liveries but I’ll let you know

It gives a list but not a number. Im just looking for the amount of liveries and aircrafts in the game.
Ive seen a topic somewhere with the exact amount but can’t seem to remember where it was from at all. Probably a dev could help.

Hey, Ali!

As of 21.8, the latest public version, there are 837 liveries in Infinite Flight.

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Thank you good sir, I was just about to give a bump so that people could see. I could do counting aircraft myself. Have a Good day/Night!

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