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Hello! So during my recent tracking thread session, I commanded an exit runway althogh the pilot did not actually have any intentions of doing so.

Ok, here’s the point, is it a must to report a full-stop if you plan to leave the runway? Because cleared for the option could mean that the pilot can do a T&G, S&G, low approach and vacate the runway. So I thought maybe reporting your position and intentions are not necessary.

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I believe so, I may be wrong. But if you are doing pattern work and zou want to end it, you have to say full stop.

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I’m not sure it is a requirement, but it is preferred by ATC as it makes it easier in a busy airspace.

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It isn’t a must to report you are full stopping. However, it does give the controller a heads up so they know your intentions.


As specified by the ATC Manual, pilots should announce “full stop” and their position if they plan on discontinuing their pattern.


The word “should” is advisory in the manual. It’s recommended, but isn’t compulsory (as opposed to the word “must”).

That being said, it does help to have a heads-up.

You should use the “exit runway” command when it’s clear that the pilot has slowed down to a speed where they clearly intend to full-stop (it’s 75-80 knots for jets).

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Yes that’s what I’m implying.

The prop was at 35kts when I called for it to leave the runway

The recommended exit command is at around 70kts

I mean, something small like a TBM. Sorry for the missing detail 💀

If im not mistaken, that would be at around 40 or 50kts

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The pro tip located under 3.5.1 in the ATC manual may help clarify exit command timings in such cases:


just to verify what I undestand.

-It is optional to inform ATC a full-stop.

-Exit runway are to be issued when signs are obvious such as lack of runway, and turning into taxiways, etc.

Correct. You’re not really gonna get dinged if you delay an exit for a bit just to verify the pilot is indeed stopping their pattern.


Thanks everyone! This topic can now be closed.