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Just a quick question. Where do ya’ll get the Airport’s Charts for departure, arrival, and approach at? Just trying to spice things up and more realistic on my flying. Thx

uhhhh for airport charts some vas have short cuts in discord for that or you can just google the porcedures

I tried that but it just shows graphs of stuff

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If you’re looking for charts for airports in the US, I highly recommend using FlightAware. They have IFR charts if you search the airport. Unfortunately, it is limited to the US, I believe.

what chart are you searching for?

I use this for all my flights in the US, and I just search on google for flights outside of the US.



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one sec lemme check

may i know which star are you using?


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AirMate is an app which is totally free and has a pretty good selection world wide. You could also use Navigraph, which requires a paid subscription of €8.30

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Thx. I’ll take a look

YASSS!! Tamk u so much. May I ask u where u found that tho??

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lol. ok. thx for helping out. truly appreciate it

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Thanks for the suggestion! The app is somewhat good… hopefully i will be keep using it & see if i really like it or not 😅


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