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When departing, do you have to ask for a transition out of tower airspace or can you ask for a frequency change to departing frequency?

You can just ask for the frequency change or tower will give you the frequency change approve command

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Don’t ask for a frequency change, it clogs frequencies and in reality, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Just wait for a handoff to radar or a frequency change, there’s most likely a reason you’re being kept on tower.


Thanks. I know you have to ask for transition when in the airspace, but is that only passing through?

Yes, that’s correct

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Yeah. Was just about to add that to my comment above

Got it thanks

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Transitions occurs when you’ll pass Tower’s airspace, most commonly VFR. You have to T/O from one of the nearest airports for that. Don’t request transition above 5000 AGL BTW

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You don’t report transition when you are going to land at that airport or do patterns at that airport…

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One more question. Is STAR arrival ILS or GPS or something entirely different?

STARs are for arrivals. The Approaches are GPS, ILS, RNAV, Etc.

When you have time, check the flying Guide in the user guide :)

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The Instrument Landing System (ILS) is a system that provides lateral and vertical guidance using signals from the ground to guide the plane to the ground. A Global Positioning System (GPS) approach uses LNAV and VNAV to navigate and descend the aircraft to the ground.

I am doing that, just getting a bit confused about the order of commands. I can message you if you will be fine with that.

Ok, PM me :)

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