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I have a quick question maybe a stupid one. Can someone tell be what this green blinking arrow is on my glide slope during flight please. And why is it there and saying to do? Thabks

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That is the glideslope indicator. It tells you if you need to go up or down to get on the glide slope. If it points up, the glideslope is above you, if it points down, you need to descend to get on the glideslope.

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So put into context, there you are below the glide slope, so you need to decrease your rate of decent, once the green diamond reaches the line, you will be perfectly on the slope :)

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You’re at 25,000ft. The glideslope indication will be all over the place

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@Butter_Boi answered perfectly, and I’ve got nothing to add except:





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To set the ILS (which it looks like you’ve done), go to the airport runway information and click the the desired landing runway and set it to NAV1. Afterwards, you’ll want to capture the ILS at a 30 degree angle.

Lets say I was landing Runway 27, the runway heading would be around 270. You’d want to intercept the cone at either 240 or 300 depending if you’re on the left or right side. Try to intercept the end of the cone at 3000ft AGL. That’s what the blinking arrow is. There should be able to see if you’re above or below the glideslope :) You should automatically be descending with APPR mode between the 2 dots at the center of the area you’re looking at

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Well that explains a lot of what I had ideas about. But why would it show up when I am so far away. Like I understand the glide slope when there is a Dimond

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Because it’s been tuned, it will still show. Oh, and welcome to the forum!

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