Quick question

i wish you could delete these type of ‘posts’ after you get an answer but anyway…

how’s IF running with IOS 14.1? is it smooth? bc i think i’m going to update my phone from 13.7 tonight (bc Im tired of seeing the red “1” indication on the settings app) lol

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Hey @Captain_Oblivious!

Not sure about everyone else… but my device has been running fantastically! I haven’t noticed any bugs or performance issues related to the update on any app, I think you should be good to go ahead and update.

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Actually, as we speak, I’m updating my device to 14.0.1, which is entirely bug fixes that they’ve found so far, so that should help even further.


Same as Shane. It has been working beautifully! :)


No issues for me as well. Smooth as silk.

Its been working fine for me so far! and im on a iPhone 8

Runs a lot better than normal.

Running exactly the same as before I updated. I’ve had iOS 14 beta for several months tho, so I was sure it would work. Working fine on both an iPad 7th Gen and an iPhone Xs Plus.

All good for me no crashes. Well done Apple

I feel like mine (iPad Pro 2018) works even better with the new update

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