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Quick Question:
What is this?


That my friend is a group flight for Delta Virtual.


That’s nice! (text limit)

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Yes VA’s love to do those awesome group flights.

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How often do they occur?

Sorry, I’m new to the expert server.

Honestly I’m not sure, but they are common.
Congrats on gaining Expert Server access.


Well UVAL had one today as well. And some random person caused a go around… Welcome to expert. Please don’t be that person lol


The frequency of the group flights depend on the VA/VO. Almost all virtual airlines have them so if you want to fly with others like that, then I really suggest you join a VA or VO! They really do bring a whole new meaning to flying in infinite flight. In my opinion at least.

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Well done DLVA 👏

They’re a great group of people, one of the biggest virtual airlines out there!

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Yes all VA love doing that. It’s a lot of fun.

Last weekend I organized a transatlantic overnight event with over 100 planes with a few other VAs from our Alliance.

But we also all do much smaller group flights on a spontaneous basis multiple times a day.

Any VA does that, there is a dedicated section in the IFC for VAs where you can see which would fit you best.

In my opinion, they’re all fantastic and each will provide a little different type of offer / style which makes it all the more easier to find the perfect match! Many pilots fly for multiple VAs at the same time!

I’d really recommend for you to at least try one out. It’s the most pleasant way to fly and the fastest way to improve your skills while enjoying IF to its fullest!

Happy landings!

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