Quick question

I may have mentioned this earlier but will the crazy lag spikes (as well as regular lag) be resolved anytime soon? I ask because its a bit hard for me to enjoy the update. But nonetheless its an amazing update :)

Once the fanfare has died down. It’s due to the uptick of users loading the servers.

Regarding the regular lag, I don’t experience any so I can’t help you there

The staff and dev team have been working tirelessly into the morning (most staff members/developers are located in Europe) and are truly working extra hard at this moment to try to improve this. As Alex said, this is due to the increased spike of users utilizing this app at one time - the servers just weren’t prepared for what occurred! I believe they have a hotfix at this point and will be working to improve this issue ASAP

Right now, the servers are starting to calm down and it has improved significantly from earlier today. Thanks for your patience and understanding :)


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