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are we required to follow all atc instructions on the training server? just curious

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Not if the controller is spamming you ridiculous commands. If I were you in that scenario, I’d just tune out. Otherwise, it is advised to, as people are “training”.

And when you make it to Expert, you should follow ALL commands you are given.


That’s your choice with no real consequence. No one can stop you but it’s a bit frowned upon.

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Try to follow the instruction if they are logical. If it isn’t right, you can just ignore it with more repercussions. However, in the expert server, you must follow all instructions as IFATC is trained and know what they are doing

i’m already grade 3, but im doing a flight in the training server right now and the atc controlling was a guy named IFATC Professional and I wasn’t following instructions. Seeing that his name was IFATC i thought he would report me or something like that.

IFATC aren’t allowed to control on Training unless they’re doing training. Even with this, there would
be a supervisor around.


No IFATC controller should be on the training server. Must be someone with that name for looks


oh ok thanks

I was thinking the same, but I just quit the game. Better be safe than sorry

If the controller seems genuine or it’s someone training for IFATC take them seriously. If it’s someone who is telling you to descend to FL410 when you’re on the ground, maybe you should question their goals.

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As a controller, we can tell if someone is confused or trolling. We won’t ghost you if you are at least trying to correct your error. Instead of leaving the game, divert and contact the controller on ifc

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He definitely was, I said sorry and left.


Actually, strangely enough I saw an IFATC (forgot his name) controlling on TS yesterday.

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Was it a confirmed controller?

I’m not sure, I just know that he/she had IFATC in their name.

Unfortunately, a lot of people do that. Funny story, I had someone impersonate me while I was controller that airport they were at


YES follow ATC instructions on training server, unless this happens, you are at 37,000 feet, and ATC says GO ArOunD, if that happens,or something similar, just just don’t.

IFATC are allowed to control on training server if they are training for approach, without a supervisor🙂
As long as we don’t ghost anyone.


Was it @Cameron_Stone at KRND? If so, we were doing ATC training.

Please, please, follow all ATC instructions on any server,. I like controlling but I am unable to due to a reason I probably won’t specify here and now. It is painful trying to control on the training server. Please, follow the controllers instructions. I understand if it seems really unnecessary (like they’re telling to go around after takeoff). Us ATC’s who are actually trying to do things properly on the training server are there because we want to offer you a service. 😃 Thank you!