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When you are qualified to be ATC on Expert is there a set rule about which airports can you control or can you just control anyone

I must’ve misread the question, or it was edited within the first 5 minutes (which I suspect), as I saw

When are you qualified to be ATC on Expert…

and not

When you are qualified…

You have to apply and train to be IFATC. You can do that here!

Any airport within the weekly set schedule region that isn’t taken.

Edit: as well as rank which I totally forgot.


Yeah I know that but I want an answer to my question

Thanks for the answer

Depending on the schedule as well as your rank.

Source: IFATC Manual


So, if I’m apprentice, I can only control small airports like MHT?

It’s based on airport class. MHT is a class bravo field, so no.

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The time you are an apprentice is very short, you just need to remain active and have good feedback then Tyler promotes you.


Oh, okay…
So maybe something like ASH then, since it’s towered.

Yes, class Charlie and Delta are all at your disposal as an apprentice. As Kyle mentioned, you’re an apprentice for a very short time if you remain active enough.

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